The Tinker & Do Academy

Fun and high-quality learning experiences in coding, robotics, engineering for preschoolers through high school.

All courses are project-based/play-based so students remain engaged while actively learning and developing critical 21st century skills.


Experience with STEM at any age is an opportunity for development of critical 21st century skills.  Our learn-through-play approach to teaching these skills is engaging for students, allowing them to guide their own experiences and develop coding and robotics skills in a way that feels fun, unintimidating, and exciting for our students and their families alike.

These project-based experiences naturally weave in math, logic, even reading and writing concepts so multi-disciplinary learning feels effortless.

For Preschool – Kindergarten

There are so many reasons to begin robotics and coding learning early!  Research has shown that early learners are not only capable of grasping coding concepts and practices but it comes quite naturally.  Early exposure to coding and engineering concepts normalizes this type of learning and thinking and helps to ward off potential feelings of intimidation later in their educational experiences.

Each class is filled with activities and play, and comes with a follow up newsletter that includes activities to continue the learning at home before the next class.


Little Coders Club

Coming soon
Monthly activity kits with play-along video activities for little coders to practice coding concepts. Each kit has at least 4 activity videos and additional activities for continued play with and without a family member/adult. Kits are mailed to each student at the beginning of each month. Bonus coding- or engineering-themed read alouds and additional activity videos are included.

All About Robots

How do robots work? What powers them, how do they move, and how do they know what to do? We answer all these questions and more with games and art fun! Available through live, online weekly classes.

Robots, Robots Everywhere

Learn all about robots and what makes them their jobs, then build and code your own! Includes a programmable robot and a set of littleBits electronic building blocks to keep! Available through live, online weekly classes.

Bots N Droids

Build a working, programmable, controllable droid and experience the different parts that make robots work! Includes a droid kit to keep. iOS or Android device required. Available through live, online weekly classes.

Code-a-Bot Jr

Learn to code through robotics for early learners! A programmable robot will be provided for student to keep. No additional devices required. Available through live, online weekly classes.

For 1st through 5th grade

Build a strong foundation for developing skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)!  Introduction of STEM has been shown to be an important component of future academic achievement1 and the development of early STEM skills has been shown to be a consistent predictor of lifelong academic success2.

  1. Morgan, P. L., Farkas, G., Hillemeier, M. M., & Maczuga, S. (2016). Science achievement gaps begin very early, persist, and are largely explained by modifiable factors. Educational Researcher, 45(1), 18–35.
  2. Duncan, Greg J., et al. “School readiness and later achievement.” Developmental psychology 43.6 (2007): 1428.

Scratch Basics

Learn to code with Scratch to program your own games and animations! Available through live, online weekly classes.

Scratch Design Studio

Previous Scratch experience preferred. Design and create your own projects using Scratch programming with one-on-one mentoring. Available through live, online weekly classes.

Advanced Coding Club

For students with previous coding experience to work with a mentor on their own coding projects, from robotics to multiplayer gaming in Scratch, to Minecraft mods. Available through live, online weekly classes.


Learn to code for robotics! Create code to control a robot - programmable robot is provided for students to keep. Apple or Android device required. Available through live, online weekly classes.

For Middle School through High School

Get ready for the future!  Students today are familiar with technology but those who create and truly understand technology will have a unique and powerful role in tomorrow’s world. Instructional videos, live virtual classes, and online mentoring from coding professionals.

Coding with Scratch

Learn to think and create like a programmer using Scratch, a block-based programming language.  Design and program games and animations, and dive into online and multiplayer games.  Don’t just use tech – instead create tech!

Python Coding

Dive into Python, a language widely used in common software and websites. Some coding experience preferred.

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